20 facts about me… here goes!

I have decided to take part in NHS Horizons 30 day challenge to transform the perceptions of nursing and midwifery. Today’s challenge: 20 facts about yourself.

I am typically known for wearing my heart on my sleeve and being an open book, so in theory sharing 20 facts about myself should be easy and I’m sure that people who follow or know me will already know most of these – whether or not these facts are interesting is quite another matter. I’ll leave that up to you to decide…

  • I am the eldest of three children and have a younger brother and sister, Kevin and Jennifer.
  • I am from Glasgow in Scotland. First generation Glaswegian as all my family are from South Ayrshire, specifically a little mining village called Dailly. My mum and dad grew up around the corner from each other and were in the same class at primary school.
  • Nothing in the world is more important to me than family. Something that was instilled in me at a very young age from my Grampa Davidson, who is sadly no longer with us, and my parents, Carole and Adam.
  • I came into my nursing degree through an alternative route. As my school and degree qualifications were out of date, I went to Glasgow Clyde College where I studied a HNC in Care & Administrative Practice. Whilst on this course, I successfully gained one of 28 places to articulate straight into second year of the BSc Nursing Studies (Adult) course at Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • One day I hope to adopt. Ideally I would like to adopt siblings.
  • My first ever crush was Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid.
  • I used to do gymnastics and sports acrobatics when I was young. I can still do a backflip!
  • I am extremely passionate and believe in being a strong advocate. I champion the student, nursing and LGBTQI voice and rights.
  • I recently interviewed for and was successful in gaining the position of School Officer for the Department of Nursing and Community Health at Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • I was elected to be one of the Scottish representatives on the RCN UK Students’ Committee.
  • I am a big Harry Potter fan. My Hogwarts acceptance letter got lost in the post, I tell you! I am a Hufflepuff and would want to be a Healer in St. Mungo’s if I was a wizard.
  • When I was younger I wanted to go into medicine and got the required grades, however, I went to stage school at the same time and when my friends started getting into drama school in London I got itchy feet and thought I’d give it a shot and audition. The rest is history.
  • I have a BA (Hons) degree in Musical Theatre from Arts Educational Schools, London.
  • I used to be very religious and attend Sunday school. I really struggled to come to terms with my sexuality, part of the reason I chose to move to London, and I didn’t understand how my God could have made me wrong. I wouldn’t say I’m religious now but I’m definitely spiritual and believe there is a higher power and a life force connecting us all.
  • I lived in London for 12 years from the ages of 18-30.
  • My first job out of drama school was in We Will Rock You in the West End. I went on to be in many other musicals including Grease, Our House, Pirates of Penzance, and Gotta Sing Gotta Dance. I also played Aladdin, Peter Pan & Jack in the Beanstalk in Panto. Then I moved into straight theatre doing TV, Films and plays. The last role I played before retiring from acting was Macbeth. I also wrote short and feature films. My short film series “Four:Play” had a West End screening.
  • I have experienced mental health difficulties in the past: a major contributing factor in me moving home to Glasgow. Due to this I am a big believer in removing the stigma from mental health, providing mental health support, and compassionate mind training.
  • I passionately believe we need to recruit more men into nursing as I believe the nursing workforce should be as diverse as the communities we serve and at present with 11% of nurses in the UK being men it doesn’t.
  • One day I would love to take some time out to tour Italy. I want to visit Rome, Verona, Venice, Florence, Lake Garda, Sorrento, and Tuscany. Need to find a pot of gold!
  • I love cats and have two Clara-Rose and Captain Jack. Named for Doctor Who characters. Sadly they now live with their granny and grampa, my mum and dad as my other half is allergic to cats.

Well that’s that, my facts… hope I’ve not bored you and now you know a little more about me!



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