Welcome to Craig’s Considerations: Day one

I’ve wanted to keep a blog for quite some time; I have been vlogging recently but the challenge to keep a blog for this month’s 30 day challenge for NHS Horizons ‘transforming the perceptions of nursing and midwifery’ has come as a perfect opportunity to finally put metaphorical paper to pen (it is actually thumb to phone key pad as I am in the back of an Uber, driving back to California State University, Long Beach where I am currently on an exchange placement).

So why the title ‘Craig’s Considerations’? Well, I like the fact it alliterates, however, the word ‘considerations’ is really what I want the blog to focus on. I want to really think about what nursing means to me, what I want to aspire to be professionally, what I admire and perhaps don’t in others, what my hopes are for the future of nursing, and what I hope it is not going to be. The by-line “diary of a Hufflepuff nurse” is pretty self explanatory: I am the biggest Harry Potter fan and would like to think that I am a typical Hufflepuff in that I value hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play.

I have often kept a diary at various points in my life, using it to reflect and straighten out my thoughts when times have been difficult in my personal life. I think this has merit and perhaps this blog will feature some of that, but more than anything else I want it to be an absolute celebration of nursing – because I love being a nursing student and I cannot wait to be a nurse.

Thanks for reading.

Can’t wait to take part in this challenge.



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