Dream job(s)… hopes for my future career.

I am ambitious and determined, always have been, always will be. For me, it’s a good thing as it pushes me to be the best version of myself I can be and to continually challenge myself. I also believe in setting goals both personally and professionally as it helps give me focus.

Part of this goal setting is having targets I hope to achieve by set time periods: one year, five year, ten year. To be honest, I have a framework for what I’d like to achieve and where I’d like to be for most of my life. Maybe I’m a control-freak, who knows? However, I am not unrealistic, I am aware that these goals may change; you don’t ever know what life is going to throw at you to take you off that mapped course or what other opportunities may arise. At 33, I am definitely not where I thought I would be personally or professionally. So I know the importance of being adaptable and living in the moment. That being said, I think I will always set goals. They may not work for everyone but they do for me.

Over the course of my nursing education I have developed a keen interest in oncology and palliative care. When I qualify, I would like to get a job in an acute ward setting, ideally at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre where I have recently completed a placement. I would love to then rotate wards for a couple of years to get a feel for which area of oncology I would like to specialise in and to really hone my nursing skills. Following that, I hope to apply for a Band 6 charge nurse position, which would allow me to gain some management experience.

Eventually, I want to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist or Advanced Nurse Practitioner in my chosen field. I am drawn to the autonomy of the role and really want to be a nurse prescriber as I love pharmacology. At present, based on my placement experience, I am really interested in specialising in urology within oncology. One of the reasons behind this is that I believe a number of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer may benefit from having a nurse specialist who happens to be male. They may find it easier to disclose and discuss some symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. That is not to say that the female nurses I worked with were not amazing in their roles and wonderful with their patients, I just think on a personal level, particularly in the west of Scotland, it may help patients feel as though someone can directly relate to their concerns.

So I guess at the moment my dream job is:

Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Urological Oncology

P.S. I always think it’s good/fun to have a slightly crazy ambitious career goal. For me it is to be Scotland’s Chief Nursing Officer. I am really drawn to the governmental element of this role as I am very interested in politics.

So that’s that. My dream jobs. One realistic, which is part of my 10 year plan, and one for fun.

Do you set goals? Do you think it’s beneficial? Or do you prefer to take life as it comes?



One response to “Dream job(s)… hopes for my future career.”

  1. I definitely set goals. Unfortunately when my plans get derailed it feels really sucky… But, if I didn’t have specific goals I wouldn’t have the drive or motivation to keep going. I have step by step goals… Like achieve my Practical Nursing License, then my Registered Nursing License, then my BSN. Then become an RN Educator and eventually get my MSN. If I didn’t have these goals, I’d probably have given up in defeat a long time ago.

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