Celebrating #NHS70

I am so proud of our National Health Service. Having just returned from an educational exchange trip to the United States, it has only intensified my pride to come from a country that provides free healthcare to all at the point of service. The NHS looks after us all, from conception until the time we die, what an amazing achievement.

As a student nurse in Scotland, I am privileged that the NHS gives me a bursary whilst I am studying to be a nurse – something that the American student nurses I met were in absolute awe of.

I cannot wait to qualify and begin working as a registered nurse within our NHS and I am excited to see what it continues to achieve by the time we are celebrating #NHS100 – though I will be 63, which is terrifying.

We all know that the NHS must continue to evolve to deal with the pressures of an ageing population living with comorbidities and complex care needs. It is currently stretched far beyond what it was originally designed to cope with and there are likely to be some very tough times ahead with resistance to some necessary reforms and changes; however, I believe the NHS will cope with this admirably and it is an institution bolstered by immense national pride.

So happy 70th birthday NHS. “Lang may yer lum reek”



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