5 current goals…

What do you mean you only want me to pick five? Like I have said in previous blog posts, I am very ambitious and have my life mapped out with what I would like to achieve and when – of course with realistic flexibility. But, five you asked for, so five you shall get.

  • I am currently about to enter the third year of my BSc Nursing Studies (Adult) degree at Glasgow Caledonian University. I articulated directly into the second year via a wider access programme. Due to this, I was unable to apply for the Honours programme. However, in the third year, the university allows students to apply for places on the Honours programme that may have become available due to students dropping out or deciding not to continue to Honours level. I hope to apply for one of these places. I won’t be able to until December, and I will need to achieve over 70% in all my assessments up until that point. However, I believe this is more than possible if I keep working hard and continue to replicate my marks from my second year. So, fingers crossed.
  • Regardless of whether I get into the Honours programme or continue on the BSc programme, one important goal is to complete my degree so that I can join the NMC register and get my pin. Then I will be a fully qualified nurse! That is exciting.
  • I recently interviewed for and was successful in becoming School Officer for the Department of Nursing and Community Health at GCU. During my tenure, I aim to focus on increased mental health support for students within the university. Also, to encourage students, faculty, and the university as a whole to become more engaged in social media. Lastly, I want to work with the university on an inclusive, gender-neutral recruitment drive for nursing students, focussing on education around the role of the modern nurse, which will hopefully encourage more men into nursing.
  • I have just returned from an educational exchange trip to California State University, Long Beach. I have been asked to write a couple of different articles about my experiences there, comparing the similarities and differences in nursing education and clinical practice between the two countries. I hope the get these published by the end of the year, as in addition to nursing, I also really enjoy writing.
  • Lastly, later on in the year, I am putting my hat in the ring for a position that I am passionate and excited about. Should I be successful, I would be able to affect real change while advocating the student’ voice. Advocacy is so important, particularly in our role as nurses. There have been times in my life where I wish someone had done it for me, and I think I am a more compassionate and empathetic advocate for that reason. The position is elected, so again, fingers crossed.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. Please, feel free to comment and tell me what your goals are.



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