What do I eat on my break…

Well, I always try to be as healthy as I can, and I am always on a ‘diet’ – believe me, it gets harder to shift the pounds in your thirties. So, a typical day on the wards on placement would include:


Porridge or cereal (usually Weetabix as it travels well in a Tupperware box) and a huge cup of coffee. Yeah, I know, porridge, how stereotypically Scottish. But I love it, and it provides slow release energy. If I’m feeling naughty, I will add a little bit of Golden Syrup for a sugar hit. I am addicted to caffeine and cannot function without it. So I will always have coffee – bad I know. Depending on how long it is until my next break, as it varies from placement to placement, I may also have a banana.


I’ll usually have pasta (either with chicken and vegetables or tuna pasta) if I’m bringing food in from home. If I’m buying food from the canteen, I will typically have a jacket potato with tuna (yes, I love tuna). On my last placement, I think I had that for lunch four out of every five days. I am a creature of habit. I’ll also have a piece of fruit, a yoghurt, and a pack of low-fat crisps. I tend to eat quite a lot at lunch, as I’ll have a smaller evening meal.

Evening break:

Depending on placement, I may or may not get an evening break. If I do, I’ll typically have a cereal bar or rice cake and another cup of coffee, as I’ll be flagging by then.

We all know nurses are inundated with biscuits and sweeties from patients and their families. I will try and avoid these as much as possible, but I am human, and temptation can often prove very hard to resist!

Also, while on shift I drink lots of water. It is so important to keep hydrated, not just for our physical but for our mental alertness.

What do you all eat? Looking forward to getting some tips to vary up my lunchbox!



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