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If I am honest, before this 30-day challenge, I didn’t read all that many blogs; certainly not enough to have a ‘top five’. I am an avid user of social media – you can find me on Twitter @CraigDavidson85 – and I follow a lot of inspiring nurses and student nurses on there, which I love. I also read a lot of journal articles. Both of which have allowed me to engage in discussion and debate, widen my learning and honestly reflect on my views on nursing related topics. However, I wasn’t really in the blogosphere so to speak.

That is why I have loved this challenge so much. It has not only inspired me to dig deep, and I would like to believe I have been very open, balanced and transparent in my blogs. The structure of this blog challenge has allowed me to read what others views have been on the same topics, which has been insightful and enlightening. So much so, it almost seems unfair and impossible to pick a ‘top five’, as every single person who dares to blog is not only brave, but their passion speaks volumes, and you have all inspired me to keep writing.

However, five you asked for – so five you shall get. I have included some blogs from people taking part in the challenge, but I have also added a couple of others, which I have found interesting to read. Hope you agree.

Diary of a Newly Qualified Nurse

Diary of a Newly Qualified Nurse follows the journey of a NQN nurse through the ups and downs of transitioning from student nurse to qualified staff nurse.

This blog is written by my very dear friend Charlotte Hall. We sit together on the RCN UK Students’ Committee where Charlotte is the Chair. She is also the student member of the RCN Council. Charlotte is the Lousie to my Thelma, and I have learnt so much from her. She is an inspiration to all student and newly qualified nurses out there. Her blog and vlogs give a real, honest, funny insight to both her views on nursing and her as a person.

You can follow Charlotte on Twitter: @CharlotteRCN

Blogs on Nursing

This is a fantastic blog by Professor June Girvin. June isn’t taking part in this challenge. However, I love reading her blogs. They are so informative and make me want to push myself further with my blogging. She is a truly inspirational nurse who is not afraid to get her point across, which is always backed up with impeccable evidence. Particular favourite blog posts have been her recent post on ‘nostalgia’ her discussion on ‘nursing history’ and her post on ‘disagreeing well’.

You can follow June on Twitter: @ProfJuneG

The Student Nurse Project

Information for student and NQ nurses by student and NQ nurses

I cannot compliment this group enough. Again, they are not taking part in the 30-day challenge as a collective; though, a couple of them are individually. Dann Godding being one; I am thoroughly enjoying reading his blog and getting to know both him and his views better – Daniel’s Diary

The work the Student Nurse Project do and the peer-supported community they have provided for student and newly qualified nurses is both inspirational and commendable. I would thoroughly recommend you follow their blog and engage with their online Twitter chats.

You can follow the Student Nurse Project on Twitter: @StNurseProject

Mum vs Stn Nurse

The rollercoaster of juggling children while training to be a nurse.

I only met Aimie Morgan this year, but I feel like I have known her so much longer. We were sat together at a Parliamentary event the RCN Students’ Committee held this year for our Student Information Officers (SiOs), and I was immediately drawn to her infectious personality and passion for nursing, but most importantly her love for her family. These exact qualities are what shine through in her blog. She writes an honest account of what it means to her to be a mother of young children, raising a family while completing a nursing degree, and it is well worth a read!

You can follow Aimie on Twitter: @aimielmorgan

Life Nursing and More – Ewout’s Diary

Ewout van Sabben again is not taking part in the 30-day challenge; however, I could not leave him out. I think Ewout has been an inspirational student nurse – he has just recently qualified – and I have no doubt that he is going to go on to do great things in the profession. I am particularly in awe of the work he has done regards promoting additional learning disability training for all nurses and the communication tool he is developing. His blog posts are insightful and encouraging, and his warm, caring, fun personality shines throughout them. Both he and Charlotte were two big inspirations of mine to begin blogging and to be so open and honest. So thank you both.

Anyway, I wish I could list you all as I think all your blogs are fantastic, particularly the impassioned blogs of our student nurses. I am confident that the future of the profession is in good hands with us the nurses and leaders of tomorrow.


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