Why there must be a statement ensuring all Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Members will be made to feel psychologically safe when contributing at RCN Congress 2022.

Today at the RCN Annual General Meeting, I felt compelled to make an ask of the College.

“As an RCN member, I appreciate the College and the Chief Executive and General Secretary, Pat Cullen’s recommitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the wake of the KPMG Report; also in Pat’s blog on the eve of #PrideMonth”.

“However, there continues to be divisive, heated, polarised social media discourse regarding sex and gender in nursing.”

“With RCN Congress 2022 beginning tomorrow, shared lived experience is crucial and enriching to discussion and debates”.

“Can the RCN Council and the Executive assure that women will be safeguarded to air their views without fear of misogyny or accusations of bigotry, if unfounded, or from slurs being hurled?”

“Likewise, can our transgender and non-binary colleagues be assured they will be provided with psychological safety to share their lived experience without fear of bigotry, if unfounded, or having their human rights and very existence questioned?”

“Can the College issue an Emergency Statement ahead of RCN Congress beginning tomorrow, ensuring all members that the above will be the case; not just at RCN Congress, but beyond in all we do as a College”.


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